Welcome to PT.KAHATEX

P.T.KAHATEX, a large integrated textile company in Indonesia , is of relatively recent origin, manufacturing polyester chips, polyester fibers, yarn, fabric, garments and socks in a vertical integrated set-up. It was established in 1979 as a knitting mill cum Dye house by Mr. L.H. Song, the Chairman of the Company.

It has since grown in size and stature into one of the largest integrated textile complexes in the country, with its numerous plants spread over an area of more than 155 hectares (1,550,000 sq.m) at its factory sites at Cijerah - Bandung, Rancaekek-Sumedang, and Solokan Jeruk – Majalaya, with the total workers more than 48,000.

The company has a long history of self-propelled growth with an almost insatiable appetite for modernization and expansion. Embracing new technologies, upgrading existing ones, adding new products to its portfolio, and commitment to quality make up the core of its corporate philosophy. The company has been awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is a clear endorsement of its commitment to quality.

A major participant in the Indonesian textile sector, its contribution to the export market is significant and exemplary

  • More than 40 % directly exported to about 80 countries world-wide.
  • 40% is indirectly exported through sales to other export oriented manufacturers of garments, socks, and sweaters in Indonesia.

Its product range spans almost the entire gamut of textile products from a variety of yarns and fabrics to products such as garments, blankets, rugs, carpets, socks, gloves, etc. Its garments, socks, and gloves divisions are 100 % export oriented.

Kahatex prides itself in being a company with a soul, training and motivating its team to work with efficiency laced with warmth, friendship and understanding. A customer is valued as the most important asset of the company and all efforts are focused to build on, and enhance the value of, each customer relationship. Mutual growth is the goal and mutual understanding and co-operation the means to the end.