• We are the largest Water jet weaving producer in Indonesia.

  • The Weaving sections are located at Cijerah and Rancaekek, have air jet, water jet, rapier and projectile looms, with maximum width of 3,400 mm.  A denim manufacturing plant is included in the weaving section.

    1. Water jet loom : working width up to 1,900 mm
    2. Air Jet loom : working width up to 3,400 mm
    3. Rapier loom : working width up to 1,900 mm
    4. Projectile loom : working width up to 3,200 mm.
  • All the fabrics are available in dyed, printing, and raw white.

  • Further Treatment are available:
  • Compacting, sueding, Polishing, calendaring, raising, brushing, anti pilling, printing

  • The Chemical treatments such as:
  • Water repellence, water proof, acrylic coating, PU coating stain release finish, anti bacteria (sanitized) finish, Foam laminating.